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Community Opportunity

    February 13, 2018



    A local group is now forming a non-profit organization with two-fold purpose: to better educate the community re the role(s) of K9 Officers in public safety and law enforcement, and to raise funds to provide supplemental financial support for the canines in Yuma County's various law enforcement agencies.

    Once formed, this nonprofit must be governed by an Board of Directors.  The organizing committee is now identifying candidates willing to serve on the Board.  As with most nonprofits, we seek a variety a skills and professional backgrounds, including Personnel/HR/Organizational Development.  Although this organization will not have paid staff, there would still be value in having a professional with this knowledge participate in Board discussions .... 

    Will be up to the new Board to determine meeting schedule, but I would guess the expectation will include once per month Board meeting, and time between Board meetings for work on behalf of the organization:  planning for meetings/fundraisers, committee work (if/when necessary), and helping to promote throughout the community, etc ....

    In the event one has not previously served with a non-profit, tax exempt organization, info at the following links might be helpful:

    And, of course, I am happy to talk with any who have initial interest.  I will follow-up email inquiries via phone, if they wish to provide a #.  Thanks!

    Nancy Tucker

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